Conversational AI equipped with a pre-trained Knowledge Base on specific domains that leverages the full performance of the Heres Console and the reliability of Google’s NLU engine.

conversational ai vertical market equipped with a pre-trained Knowledge Base

Our pre-trained agents are designed to provide in-depth answers and create natural, engaging and personalized conversational experiences. They are suited to domain-specific tasks and can be customized in graphics and responses according to your business needs and brand’s tone of voice.

Our pre-trained solutions

have a large Knowledge Base trained to recognize and handle the most frequent service requests on specific application domains.



The eCommerce Virtual Assistant that supports you in the management of the first level Customer Service and optimizes the User Journey.


Auction Sales

The Auction Sales Intelligent Assistant designed to simplify access to information about auctions.

The Setup process

is quick and easy – we take care of everything! You just need to tell us about your business so that we can integrate third-party systems and customize the conversational agent’s graphics and responses.


You will receive a questionnaire to fill out with technical information about the systems to be integrated and some information about your site to allow us to configure the User Story.

vertical market setup process


Our team configures and releases the conversational agent with your specifications. From then on, you can customize the agent’s responses and test its effectiveness.

setup ai vertical market ai

Go live

The agent is ready to be launched on dedicated touchpoints: integrate the script into your site and start the conversation!

ai vertical market go live

Hire your new virtual colleague

Choose the solution suited to your needs


The first AI Conversational Agent designed specifically for eCommerce.


The first AI Conversational Agent designed to simplify access to information on auction sales.