Consorzio del Formaggio del Parmigiano Reggiano
Customer Service & Marketing Automation

The watchword for the chatbot created for the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium is "proactivity": thanks to the integration with eCommerce and CRM, "PiErre" intervenes throughout the customer journey to provide assistance and optimize the conversion rate.

Customer Service B2B

Shimano automatized internal communication with dealers. It chose a fast, intuitive and efficient solution, which supports B2B Customer Service.

Customer Service & Conversational Commerce

With Prénatal's virtual assistant is easier to look for information. It supports and guides the catalogue exploration. In this way, Prenatal's chatbot enriches the Customer Experience with an innovative touchpoint.

Help Desk B2B & Troubleshooting

DPV chose our solution to optimize their internal customer service. The company's merchandisers can now be assisted both in the use of the Wasabi software and in the exchange of documentation with the stores, also via Telegram!

Customer Service B2C

EasyCoop's chatbot is an efficient touchpoint, whose goal is to do contact-reduction and make the navigation easier. Moreover, it helps the consumer buy more easily and faster.

Software Assistant

GIPO, the leader software of polyclinic and medical offices management, has recently implemented GAIA. It's a virtual assistant, which was trained to answer to every question regarding the use of the application and it's perfectly integrated with the internal help desk.

We develop enterprise multichannel and multilanguage Chatbot and Voicebot
to automate every business process and improve the customer experience.

Thanks to our powerful and always evolving Artificial Intelligence Technology, and at the same time, the Expertise of our Conversation Design team, we create intuitive and adaptable Conversational Interfaces, which are perfect for both B2C and B2B.

We fine-tuned our development process thanks to a highly specialized team
that combines User Experience, Tech and Process skills and guides the Clients and their partners through all the steps, to define custom and immediately effective AI solutions.

We analyze the business context and every aspect concerning the chatbot scope, such as pre-existing knowledge base, processes and systems involved and third-party channels to be integrated.


After the approval of the conversational perimeter and the technical-functional requirements, we proceed with User Stories implementation, NLU training, API and connectors development and configuration of the management console.

Go-Live and Initial Tuning

After an accurate testing phase, the chatbot is finally ready to be released. The effectiveness is high from the beginning but in the first two-month initial tuning the perimeter is maximely optimized, reaching a 79% average effectiveness rate.

Know-how Capitalization

The continuative tuning phase begins after the go-live - it’s an assisted machine learning process that, thanks to the performance monitoring and the information exchange between Heres and the Client’s team, capitalizes the know-how, making your virtual colleague more and more intelligent.

Our AI Technology
carries on intelligent and operative reading/writing conversations, thanks to a proprietary platform integrated with Google NLU, third-party channels and a Client’s systems.





Our chatbots can be integrated with all third-party channels. Plug&play connectors for the main messaging platforms and the most recent smart speakers are already available.
Clients can constantly monitor and evolve bot conversations and performances through console features such as human handover, knowledge base, ticketing, form, trigger, analytics and a lot more.
Our chatbots understand human language thanks to Dialogflow, Google NLU tool, that allows us to natively interact in more than 30 languages. Each Client has his own NLU agent, trained on his specific needs.
Our chat is a touchpoint that can be integrated on all desktop and mobile digital properties. It includes features such as multimedia files download and upload, link sharing, email and ticket creation, search engine tool and audio recording.
Thanks to the API, we integrate easily with any system and numerous plug & play connectors are already available for the main SaaS technologies. Our ecosystem is enriched with each new installation.
Chatbot live
Success rate
We design beautiful Conversational Experiences
Our team is Heres’ greatest asset: Conversation Designers and Developers who have been working together since 2017 in order to constantly improve our chatbots’ conversational logics.

We managed numerous projects for different industries, strengthening a unique know-how, that we apply to the entire project work-flow to create natural, engaging and custom conversational experiences. Thanks to the constant dialogue with each Client, supported by the Collaboration system integrated into our platform, we use an assisted learning process, which is the real added value in the progressive bot performance improvement.

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