Conversational AI Agent

With our advanced AI technology, based on Google ecosystem and integrated with state-of-the-art generative models, we bring to life conversational agents-chatbots and voicebots-with fully custom functionality, suitable for every use and industry, both B2C and B2B.

Enterprise chatbot solution

of companies have reduced their First Response Time through the use of chatbots
(MIT Technology Review)


of consumers prefer to use a chatbot for its speed of communication with brands (Salesforce)


reduced costs in Customer Service thanks to the implementation of chatbots (Chatbot Journal)

Our AI solution

supports natural conversations with great operational depth, thanks to the proprietary platform integrated with Google’s NLU engine, the major LLMs (Large Language Models) in the market, third-party channels and the client systems.

Generative AI

The hybrid intent-LLM approach, or entirely based on generative AI models, allows you to manage the conversational experience optimally. Harness the creative power of the generalist model applied to your business-specific knowledge domain.


Our chatbots understand human language thanks to Dialogflow, Google’s NLU engine that allows us to interact natively in more than 30 languages. You’ll have a dedicated NLU instance trained on your company’s specific needs.

Dialogflow Google's NLU engine
Fatures Console is the control panel


The Console is the control panel that allows you to monitor your bot performance based on data generated during conversations, customize and optimize agent responses, intervene in real-time thanks to the Human Escalation feature, set engagement triggers, and much more.


The Webchat is a touchpoint that can be integrated across all digital properties, both desktop and mobile. Equipped with features such as downloading and uploading multimedia files, sharing links, sending emails and tickets, searching engine and audio recording. It allows a high graphic customization of each of its elements.

widget chat heres
Channels to integrate on chatbot


The conversational agents we develop easily integrate with all third-party channels. Plug-and-play connectors are available with major messaging platforms and the latest smart speakers.

Integrate with any system

you already use in your company thanks to APIs. Our solution is equipped with plug&play connectors for the main SaaS technologies, an ecosystem that gets richer with each new installation.

Our process

relies on a highly specialized team of Conversation Designers and Developers. Combining skills in user experience, tech and design, we accompany you and your partners throughout all stages, to define personalized conversational AI solutions, effective from the first interaction.


We analyze the business context and every aspect that involves the scope of the chatbot, from the pre-existing knowledge base, to the processes and systems involved as well as the third-party channels to be integrated.

Our conversational AI process assessment


After the approval of the conversational perimeter and the functional requirements, we proceed with the implementation of the User Stories, the training of the NLU component, the development of API interfaces and connectors and, finally, the configuration of the management Console.

Our conversational AI process setup

Go Live and initial tuning

After an accurate testing phase, the conversational agent is ready for release. The effectiveness is high right away, but it is in the first two months of initial tuning that the mapped perimeter is optimized to the maximum, reaching over 90% correct match percentages.

Our conversational AI process go live

Know-how capitalization

After the initial tuning, the continuous optimization phase begins: a process of supervised learning that, thanks to the monitoring of performance and the exchange of information between your team and ours, will allow you to capitalize on new knowledge making your virtual colleague increasingly more efficient.

Our conversational AI process know-how capitalization

User Stories managed by our conversational agents


of messages managed


of interactions successfully managed

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The objective we set with Nora was to offer our clients an immediate assistance tool supporting user navigation and guaranteeing a smoother UX. The benefit is particularly evident in the telephone channel, which in recent months has seen a reduction in requests for assistance of around 43%. Moreover, 85% of the tickets received through Nora are resolved by Customer Service in a single interaction, allowing further efficiency of the service.

Paolo Reniero

Strategic Marketing and Digital Director

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The help desk problem in software service support is the most critical issue for companies like ours. We bet on AI and automation of response processes, the zero level of customer assistance. Thanks to Heres we won the bet!

Claudio Ianiri

CEO of Ianiri Informatica Srl

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Chatbots are starting to be used in several industries and are becoming one of the mainstream tools for messaging. Service Trade has decided to contribute to the rise of conversational chatbots in order to continue improving the experience of its users. I would like to congratulate Heres’ team for their excellent understanding of the needs of Service Trade and for their ability to simplify complex processes in a short time.

Antonio Carulli

Director and CCO of Service Trade S.p.A.

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