Conversation as a Service

We are a Conversational AI Studio specializing in the development of multichannel and multilingual Conversational Agents and voice-first UX to automate business processes and improve the Customer Experience.

Conversational AI technology

We believe in the power of AI combined with the immediacy of natural language to enhance brand-customer interaction and deliver personalized conversational experiences.

Our mission

Connecting people with brands

Born in 2017 as an artificial intelligence startup, we committed to put AI at the service of people and connect them through human language.

Thanks to the expertise gained along our journey, we have now evolved into a Conversational AI Studio with the aim of offering a portfolio of multichannel solutions – chatbots, voicebots and voice-first applications. Since our foundation, we count almost 8 million personalized virtual conversations for B2C and B2B brands, consolidating a cross-industry know-how.

We design beautiful
conversational experiences

Team of highly specialized professionals in Conversational AI

Our team is Heres’ greatest asset: Conversation Designers and Software Developers who integrate their skill set and join forces to create high-performing interfaces and constantly refine the conversational experiences of our chatbots and voicebots.

Conversational AI technology developing team
Cross-industry conversational expertise

Cross-industry expertise

We have managed numerous projects across different industries, consolidating a unique know-how that we apply to the entire project workflow in order to create seamless, engaging, and personalized conversational experiences.

Human-centric approach with a focus on constant optimization

Thanks to the continuous dialogue with each customer and the active monitoring of conversations, we initiate a process of AI supervised learning: the real differentiating factor in the progressive improvement of the bot’s performance.

Process of AI supervised learning


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