Case studies

We offer a 360° solution for the development of Enterprise Conversational Agents, pre-trained AI for specific domains and voice-first applications in order to optimize B2B and B2C processes and improve communication with the end user.

The conversational AI projects we delivered for our customers reflect the versatility of our technology, which sophisticates installation after installation in order to address complex and heterogeneous use cases.

Logos Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education

Rizzoli e Mondadori Education

Tutorial bot | Customer Service

Mondadori Education and Rizzoli Education, the educational publishing houses of the Mondadori Group, have chosen a virtual assistant to support students and teachers in the use of their digital offerings: a tutorial bot integrated with the digital teaching platform HUB Scuola.

Logo Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano

Customer Service | eCommerce

The watchword of the chatbot created for the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium is “proactivity”: thanks to the integration with the brand eCommerce and CRM, “PiErre” intervenes throughout the customer journey to provide assistance and optimize the conversion rate.

Logo Shimano


Helpdesk B2B

Thanks to our Conversational AI solution, Shimano has automated its internal communication with dealers as well as the return procedure for the “e-Bike” and “Fish” product types.

Logo EasyCoop


Customer Service | eCommerce

Easycoop’s chatbot is an efficient touchpoint that aims to ensure contact-reduction and easy navigation, helping the consumer to shop easily and conveniently.

Logo Prenatal


Customer Service | eCommerce

Prénatal’s virtual assistant facilitates the search for information and support and guides the exploration of the catalog, enriching the Customer Experience with an innovative touchpoint.

Logo LloydsFarmacia

Lloyds Farmacia

Customer Service | eCommerce

Lloyds Farmacia has relied on Artificial Intelligence with two chatbots aimed at improving assistance to B2C customers and simplifying the exchange of files and information in the B2B domain.

Logo Sew Eurodrive

SEW Eurodrive

Customer Service

SEW Eurodrive, leader in the industrial automation sector, extends innovation also to its Customer Service by inserting a B2B chatbot oriented to provide support to customers on the products and services of the company through troubleshooting paths and research of information in the documentation displayed on the site.

Logo Giponext


Helpdesk B2B | Tutorial bot

GIPO, leading software in outpatient clinic and medical practice management, has implemented GAIA: a virtual assistant trained to answer any question regarding the use of the application, perfectly integrated with the internal help desk.

Logo customer AON

Aon Advisory and Solutions

Tutorial bot | Customer Service

Aon, a consultant firm for risk management and insurance programs, opted for a virtual colleague seamlessly integrated with the portals dedicated to Flexible Benefits to support its customers in the discovery and management of their corporate welfare plan.

Logo Bimbo Store


Customer Service | eCommerce

Bimbostore has chosen an AI-powered chatbot as a new ally to support its customers 24/7 and facilitate eCommerce navigation.

Logo Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Helpdesk B2B

The Italian Institute of Technology has trusted Heres to innovate and optimize the management of its HR intranet. More than 1,700 researchers from around the world will interact with a multilingual, multichannel chatbot.

Logo Toys

Toys Center

Customer Service | eCommerce

The chatbot Joy is the new “toy” with which Toys Center entertains users and guides them in solving the main difficulties related to Customer Service.

Logo Service Trade

Service Trade

Customer Service

Service Trade relies on Mya, its new virtual assistant, to lighten the workload of the company’s Client Assistance and help users in tracking their devices.

Logo Yeppon


Customer Service | eCommerce

Yeppon, Italian leader in online e-commerce with more than 300,000 customers, can now count on a new virtual ally for the management of Customer Service and the optimization of the Customer Experience.

Logo DPV


Helpdesk B2B | Tutorial bot

DPV has chosen an Heres’ solution to optimize its internal Customer Service. The company’s merchandisers can now be assisted both in the use of Wasabi software and in the exchange of documentation among retail stores, even via Telegram!

Logo Moto Abbigliamento


Customer Service | eCommerce

Digital innovation has also conquered the world of engines with the conversational interface adopted by Motoabbigliamento to optimize the search for support.

Logo e-Campus Università


Lead Generation

To enrich its Lead Generation on the website and on Messenger, eCampus relied on a chatbot, which combines the collection of user data with a personalized orientation path.

Logo cliente ATC Pimonte Nord agenzia territoriale per la casa

ATC Piemonte Nord

PA | Citizen services

ATC Piemonte Nord has partnered with Heres to provide more than 10,000 users with a simple service to access social housing procedures, inspect their assets and standardize requests for intervention also via WhatsApp.

Logo Gottardo



In order to cope with the management problems of the health emergency, Gottardo SpA has equipped itself with a virtual assistant that manages the booking of meeting rooms in compliance with the company regulations established to guarantee social distancing.

Logo IVG reggion emilia cliente

IVG Reggio Emilia

Citizen services

IVG Reggio Emilia focuses on Artificial Intelligence to innovate the service to citizens with a specialized knowledge base integrated with the Institute’s management system to provide constantly updated data on movable and immovable property.

Logo Education First

Education First

Lead Generation

EF has optimized its Lead Generation with a virtual assistant that guides users in choosing the best study trip for their needs and creates leads directly to the company’s CRM.

Logo CentroMedico Santagostino

Centro Medico Santagostino


Centro Medico Santagostino has equipped itself with a virtual assistant that allows you to book, reschedule and cancel appointments quickly and securely on the website and Whatsapp channel.