How chatbots can revolutionise your business

A solution, but also an opportunity and, most of all, a change

How chatbots can revolutionise your business

Ordering a smartphone, checking the weather forecast, booking a medical exam: just a short while ago we would have said “There’s an app for this”. Today, and most of all tomorrow, we will say “There’s a bot for this”.

We are looking at facts: chatbots are conquering the world. But it’s not all thanks to them. Artificial Intelligence is making great strides: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft are investing millions on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. But the real revolution is Conversational. Conversational apps have overtaken social apps: 3 billion users versus 2,5. Whatsapp, WeChat, Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat: everybody loves chatting, talking, asking questions and receiving responses.

Chatting with your friend, partner, cousin, but also with your business online, with your bank or your clinic. You don’t need to phone, send emails or browse the website anymore: you just need to have a conversation. So, welcome to the Conversational Era.

What does Conversational Era mean?

It means that anyone who has a business, a demand, or a market, must equip themselves! In a quick, efficient and innovative way.

How? Apps are handy, fresh and suitable for all. But they can’t deal with huge flows of requests, every day, every hour. This is why the transition to chatbots is easy: conversational interfaces are able to complete orders, manage returned goods, refund customers, suggest products at any price or on sale, offer a dress or a pair of shoes and deal with complex problems. Everything automatically, without operators, any hour, any day.

The data behind ChatBots – what does it say?

A solution, but also an opportunity and, most of all, a change. That is apparently already happening. These are the results of the Oracle report “Can Virtual Experiences Replace Reality?”, for which 800 CMOs, CSOs, senior marketers and senior sales executives in France, Netherlands, South Africa and UK have been interviewed:

78% of the companies expect to start using Virtual Reality in customer experience by 2020, and 37% of them have already implemented this technology at some level; 44% of the companies are going to use chatbots to interact with their customers by 2020, and 36% already use them; 48% of the companies have adopted automation technologies for their sales, marketing and customer service, and another 40% expect to do so by 2020. The moment is now

When the market demands, the market responds. Many start-ups and big brands have already mobilised themselves. Facebook Messenger alone has already developed more than eleven thousand chatbots.

High market volume, impressive predictions.

Companies are facing a crossroads today. Some companies will just wait, others will take advantage and become the first to innovate and experiment. Some may already have made their move: Digital Managers, CIOs and COOs are looking for the best product and may have just scheduled an appointment with one of the dozens of start-ups and tech companies that deal with Artificial Intelligence and chatbots. Making the right decision at the right time is always the key. What seems to be certain is, sooner or later, everybody will arrive at the same point.

Welcome to the Chatbot Era.

Welcome to the Conversational Era.

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