Voice AI

Voice-first conversational experiences on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices to connect brands and people through voice: the most spontaneous mode of interaction.

Voice-first conversational experiences on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices

faster: speed of voice input compared to typing
(Standford HCI)


global population using voice search on mobile devices (Google)


annual growth of the global Voice AI market estimated for 2020-2025 (SoundHound)

Speaker devices

Voice-first and

We develop voice applications (Alexa skills and Google actions) for all supported smart speaker devices.

Voice AI

Defining the strategy and roadmap for Voice AI projects.

VUI conversational design

Designing the voice-driven interaction model and flows.

Voice App

Developing Alexa Skills and Google Actions voice apps.

We handle multiple use cases
in a wide range of industries

to enrich and enhance the Customer Journey with Voice-first applications. Search for information, order a product or make a payment through voice. Discover the full list of Use Cases:

Offer your customers a memorable Brand Experience: provide them with practical advice on how to best use a product, reveal the “behind the scene” of your brand and personalize the voice-driven interaction with exclusive content capsules to be enjoyed via smart speaker.

Increase your customers’ engagement by enabling them to become the protagonists of fun quizzes and contests or to interact with their favorite characters in Q&A sessions. With Voice AI, all you need is a wake word to convert the user experience into a “game”.

Enable the vocal search for your customers: the simplest and fastest way to search for products in a catalog, locate stores, and find out information in a totally hand-free manner.

Let voice-enabled eCommerce become a reality for your customers: re-ordering a previously purchased product, pre-ordering a new product, or requesting a sample has never been easier.

Enable your customers to make payments and banking transactions directly through their voice. A convenient voice-first functionality that will make your brand’s UX even more accessible and user-friendly.

Voice is the new shopping frontier for your customers, enabling them to add and remove products from their shopping cart, receive alerts for promotions or discounts, and enrich their shopping experience with cross-selling suggestions and personalized recommendations based on their profile.

Voice-activated commands for bookings management (booking, modification and cancellation), post-sales assistance (order status and tracking, returns management, troubleshooting), account management, FAQs consultation, and direct calls to Customer Service.

Our process

We accompany your brand through all stages, from Discovery to Optimization, to realize your business goal.


Strategic consultancy and assessment to define the project scope as well as the Voice app concept and requirements. Identification of Use Cases, target Users, interaction modes and KPI to add value to the Customer Journey and maximize ROI through the Voice channel.

Strategic consultancy and definition of business objectives with voice ai


Design of the conversational flows and definition of the Interaction Model according to the given Voice App’s concept and requirements. Internal content auditing.

Designing voice ai


Development of the Voice app, integration to third-party systems, functional testing, and bug fixing.

Voice ai Application development


Optimization of the User Experience after the go-live of the vocal application: tuning of AS-IS features and insertion of TO-BE features.

Optimization and tuning of the conversational voice AI

Enhance your Customer Journey with Voice AI

Discover how our Voice AI services can help your business by improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs.