Heres is a complete solution for the development of enterprise chatbots, perfect to optimize B2B processes and improve the user experience.

The chatbots that we have already released for our clients reflect the versatility of our technology, which is also evolving more and more after each project we make. Up to now, we have implemented this technology on complex and diversified use cases.

With Prénatal's virtual assistant is easier to look for information. It supports and guides the catalogue exploration. In this way, Prenatal's chatbot enriches the Customer Experience with an innovative touchpoint.

EasyCoop's chatbot is an efficient touchpoint, whose goal is to do contact-reduction and make the navigation easier. Moreover, it helps the consumer buy more easily and faster.

Shimano automatized internal communication with dealers. It chose a fast, intuitive and efficient solution, which supports B2B Customer Service.

The new chatbot Joy is the new “toy” that Toys Center uses to entertain customers and help them solve Customer Service problems.

EF optimized the Lead Generation using a virtual assistant that guides customers through the website, in order to help them choose the best travel solution. Moreover, this chatbot generates lead directly on EF’s CRM.

Centro Medico Santagostino is equipped with a virtual assistant that helps to book, delete or change an appointment. This fast and efficient chatbot works both on the website and on WhatsApp.

GIPO, the leader software of polyclinic and medical offices management, has recently implemented GAIA. It's a virtual assistant, which was trained to answer to every question regarding the use of the application and it's perfectly integrated with the internal help desk.

Lloydsfarmacia chose our AI for two chatbots. The first one wants to improve B2C customer service and the second one simplifies the exchange of files and information in the B2B field.

The digital innovation has reached also the world of motorsport. Motoabbigliamento has chosen to use a conversational interface, which optimizes the support research.

Bimbostore chose an AI powered chatbot that supports customers 24/7 and simplifies the E-Commerce navigation.

Acqua Sant’Anna has finally joined the digital distribution world as well. It has also chosen to implement a chatbot in their E-Shop to assist customers 24/7.

Centro Medico Santagostino's blog "La finestra sulla mente" hosts now Lucy. It's a new editorial chatbot which introduces the users to the Psychotherapy World and guides them through the large amount of articles about Psychology, Mental Health and Wellness.

PatchAI is the first startup, who chose to develop a virtual assistant in order to support Clinical Trials patients. PatchAI asked us to design the User Experience of their first project.

The Italian Institute of Technology chose Heres to innovate and optimize its Intranet in the HR department. Over 1.700 researchers from all over the world will interact with a multilingual and multichannel chatbot.

DPV chose our solution to optimize their internal customer service. The company's merchandisers can now be assisted both in the use of the Wasabi software and in the exchange of documentation with the stores, also via Telegram!