Zendesk Chat: a new integration for Heres’ chatbots
Finally you can use our chatbot on Zendesk Chat too!

After WhatsApp and Facebook, we have finally released the connector for the components of Zendesk Chat (we were already integrated with Zendesk Support). This new integration allows a seamless experience between our chatbots and Customer Service, both to help users have great experiences and to help operators building great Customer relations.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a cloud platform for Customer Service Omnichannel management, which has an efficient multi-agent ticketing system, a live chat and a lot more functionalities that increase Customer Service efficiency and Customer conversion.

Who should choose the solution: Heres + Zendesk?

This integration is perfect for the Enterprises that are already using Zendesk, and which have also active operations and processes on this platform.

Thanks to the bond with Heres, our clients can count on a new colleague: a Customer Service Agent that uses AI and that is perfectly integrated with their internal workflow.

Moreover, this integration, which is made between chatbot’s standard connectors with the components Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Support, allows Customer Service Operators to intervene during the chat directly from Zendesk Console, instead of using other platforms.

How does this integration work exactly?

After the integration of the chatbot on the business website, users will be the first ones to speak. Customers will ask for assistance and the bot will activate by introducing itself as a Virtual Assistant.

At a Backend level of Zendesk, the chatbot is considered like every other operator, when it takes over a conversation.

Moreover, the Customer Service Operators can supervise conversation in real time and they can give better support. If there is an escalation, where the customer asks expressly to talk to a human being, the operators who are active at the same moment, receive a visual and a sound alert. In this way they can take over the situation through the Zendesk Console and they can substitute immediately the chatbot in the conversation.

if you want to know more about how you can integrate Zendesk to your chatbot, or if you want some information about how to collaborate with Heres, contact us!

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