Heres will attend the event offered by Office Automation
We will talk about Brand and Customer Experience

The 28th January 2020 Heres will attend the event organized by Office Automation in Milan: "Brand Experience and Customer Experience: The Omnichannel client between physical and digital".

It will be a closed-door meeting in the premises of Soiel International, where the experts in this field will discuss the actual market situation. There will be a particular focus on the interaction between Brands and Clients, which now includes a high level of personalization during the whole purchase process.

In this context, Artificial Intelligence is applied to Conversational Interfaces and it constitutes a unique touchpoint, in order to talk with clients in a more proactive and personal way.

It will be a pleasure for the Heres' team to participate and to talk about our experience in the Customer Experience applied to Chatbot and the future of this technology. We've already deepened some aspects of this field in this article. Check it out!

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